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Embracing Amazing

Raising an Empowered Family

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About The Book
Embracing Amazing Book Cover

Embracing Amazing highlights Deborah and John Lahman’s combined fifty years as K-12 educators. Created to help you with all the “hard” that is coming your way as a parent.

Embracing Amazing will show you how to work through family issues. Learn how to tackle tough questions and get through the growth of your children.

Embracing Amazing shares the tools, strategies, and communication techniques to help empower your family!

What's In The Bundle?

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Hurry...50 copies personally signed by Deborah and John Lahman

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What People Are Saying...

Debra Merrifield

“John and Deborah Lahman have written a must-read work for parents and grandparents alike. This book shares a life philosophy in short supply these days and encourages and informs the reader with strategies to move family life out of “autopilot” routine to intentional action that is legacy building. Their vision is to change the world by starting at home and this book widens that reach.”

- Debra Merrifield Psy.D

Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice

Dudley And Diane Butts

"You have to love the relevant real life family examples and colorful analogies used by John and Deborah to paint a picture of their parental experiences."

- Dudley And Diane Butts

Retired Educators

”As parents, we understand that we are the ones who are shaping our children, instead of allowing other things in the world to do so. From what I have seen, a lot of parents don’t understand how big of a role they play in their kid’s life, so this book excites me because it shows the importance of teaching your kids to be individuals while also being part of a community.”

- Bikonzi Moise

Director of Rose Mapendo Foundation

About the authors
Deborah and John Lahman

Deborah and John Lahman

Deborah and John retired after 25 years of public education careers and are now pursuing other ventures. Deborah launched her essential oils business Living Well Now and John moved his Lahman Financial Services business from part-time to full-time.  As this book is released, their daughter Angela and son Aaron are primary partners with Deborah in Living Well Now while their son Andy is partnered with John in Lahman Financial Services.

        In combining their wellness and wealth passions, business owner knowledge, and interpersonal counseling strategies, Deborah and John are enthusiastically mentoring others. They teach, empower, and equip communities to fulfill their goals of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

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Bookmark with wooden beads featuring favorite quotes from Lahman's

Essential Oil Sample- Christmas Spirit

Drive-a-Logue- Conversation starter cards that encourage meaningful conversations with your children while driving in the car. The goal is to get your kids thinking about how they’ll approach challenges BEFORE they happen. 

Wooden Holiday Ornament featuring the book cover design

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Embracing Amazing Book Bundle


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